Friday, 29 August 2014

See What IK Osakioduwa Said About Big Brother Africa.

Big Brother Hotshots gets underway
in a matter of days and IK
Osakioduwa is set to host Africa's
biggest reality show for the sixth time in a row.
IK has won the hearts of many fans across Africa
for his ability to speak openly and directly with
housemates and allow them to be at ease about
their most vulnerable moments. Asuquo Eton met up
with IK, who revealed what viewers can expect from
the new season and how he feels about hosting this
year's edition.
When you hear Big Brother what comes to
IK: Well the first thing is the word "dedication". You
have to understand that I don't see the show how
everyone else sees it. To me it's more than just a
source of entertainment. I have the rare privilege of
seeing the team behind the scenes that run the
show I've got to tell you, the amount of dedication it
takes to run the Big Brother is second to no other
show I know.
What's the one thing you love about Big Brother?
The difference in perspective it creates. It gives you
a window into the lives of other Africans and how
they live life. I'm always shocked along the way by
something someone will say or do because I may
think a totally different way from them due to our
different backgrounds. So if there's one thing I love
about the show it's how it teaches you to be tolerant
of all people.
What advice do you have for this year's contestants?
The same advice I give to ask the contestants every
year. Try your best to be yourself. That way, people
get to know who you are and can make a decent
choice whether to vote for you or not. But if you put
up an act, you might not be able to sustain it until
the end of the show and the minute you start to
change you'll confuse whatever fans you may
already have gathered. It's just safest to be
You're back for the sixth time as host of this year's edition, how does that feel? and what should we
I always view it as a compliment when I'm asked to
do the show again. It's like someone is saying they
are proud of the work I did the last time. So I'm
always really pleased to be asked to do the show.
And since every show is different I'm always super
exited to discover what we'll get up to as the show
What has Biggie got up his sleeve this year, you know?
I think it's safe to say that no matter what Biggie is
planning we can expect a lot of drama. The house is
always full of drama.
Is Big Brother a guy or a girl?
Seeing as I've never seen Biggie (even though he
speaks to me on the show) I can't really answer
that question authoritatively. But I always think of a
Biggie as "Sexless". I simply picture Biggie as The
Boss. You know his word is law in the house.
Have you ever met Big Brother?
No. Not physically
What are your expectations for this year's Big
Brother Hotshots edition?
In all honesty, I never know what to expect until I
meet the Housemates. They are the ones that bring
life to Biggie's ideas and concepts. So I guess I'm
just kinda excited and waiting with baited breath.
How does it feel being the one to announce
evictions to the housemates?
Well, it's always a difficult thing to do because
you've come to like these people. You've spent so
much time watching them that you feel kinda
connected to them. Like we were friends from
before the house. And who wants to be the one to
tell a friend bad news? But hey it's part of the show
and it's part of my job.
Which year's Big Brother stands out the most to
The show has progressively gotten better over the
years, and each year has exceeded my
expectations. So even though I see each edition
differently and can hardly compare them, I think
each new edition outdoes the previous ones. And
even the numbers support that notion. Each year the
social media interaction about the show exceeds
the last year's records.
Do you think Big Brother participants have better
opportunities after their stay in the house?
I certainly think it opens up a world of possibilities to
them. Especially if they are interested in a media
career. If you look at the lives of some past
housemates, it also supports the theory. Nic hosts
Mashariki Mix , Gaetano got a job on several radio
stations and landed several acting gigs, Uti hosts
Jara , Vimbai hosts Star Gist etc. The list goes on.
The truth is that once you've been on the show,
people all over Africa are more welcoming to you.
Apart from being the host of Big Brother, what other
projects are you currently working on?
Well apart from Big Brother I also keep a radio job
where I work on the radio four times a week. This
year I also ventured into acting. I played lead in a
TV series and I have acted in two other movies. I'm
going to do even more acting in the near future. I
also have plans for some more TV show content.

Just watch this space.
Big Brother Hotshots kicks off on Sunday, 7
September at 19:00 CAT and run 24/7 on DStv
channels 197 and 198.

Delta State University 'Jambite' wins brand new car at Etisalat Cliqfest

Etisalat’s pact with the Nigerian youths came to the fore
when it took its youth empowerment programme, Cliqfest,
to Delta State University, (DELSU), Abraka last weekend,
for the second time. This time a 100-Level student of the
Industrial Chemistry Department, Prince McCarthy,
emerged the latest winner of the star prize of a brand new
Hyundai i10 after taking part in the raffle draw.
Head, Youth Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Elvis Daniel noted
that the company is bringing Cliqfest to DELSU for the
second time in about three years due to the success
recorded at the first outing. He noted that the students of
the institution were passionate about the event and
displayed great knowledge of the EasyCliq package.
“What we set out to achieve at each school we visit is to
engage the students in activities that would develop them
intellectually, physically and socially. Etisalat is equipping
Nigerian youths with the requisite knowledge and skills to
excel in every area of their lives after school.” He said.
The two-day programme recorded a large turn-out of
students who came to participate in the different activities
similar to previous campuses. A motivational seminar,
novelty match, concert, comedy, dance competition and
raffle draws were the memorable moments experienced
by the students.
Day one of the programme kicked off with the seminar
facilitated by motivational speaker, Niyi Adesanya tagged
‘Success Activation’. The Students Union Government
(SUG) President, Obaro Ohwojero speaking after the
seminar expressed his gratitude to Etisalat for bringing
Cliqfest to his school for once again.
Despite the intermittent downpour on day two, the
students trooped out en masse for a novelty football
match followed by a concert with headlining acts like
Terry G, Solid star and Nigerian Idol season 4 winner,
Evelle. Raffle draws were held and prizes given out,
including mobile devices, laptops, Etisalat branded t-
shirts, cash prizes and the aforementioned star prize of a

English League Championship

Saturday 30th August 2014
Brighton and Hove A v Charlton Athletic 15:00
Derby County v Ipswich Town 15:00
Fulham v Cardiff City 15:00
Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers 15:00
Middlesbrough v Reading 15:00
Millwall v Blackpool 15:00
Norwich City v Bournemouth 15:00
Rotherham United v Brentford 15:00
Sheffield Wednesday v Nottingham Forest 12:15
Watford v Huddersfield Town 15:00
Wigan Athletic v Birmingham City 15:00
Wolverhampton Wndrs v Blackburn Rovers 15:00

English Premier League

Saturday 30th August 2014
Burnley v Manchester United 12:45
Everton v Chelsea 17:30
Manchester City v Stoke City 15:00
Newcastle United v Crystal Palace 15:00
Queens Park Rangers v Sunderland 15:00
Swansea City v West Bromwich Albion 15:00
West Ham United v Southampton 15:00

3 hotel attendants docked for recording customer’s sexual escapade

Three hotel attendants, who allegedly
recorded a customer’s sexual affair and demanded
a ransom of N10 million, were on Thursday charged
before an Ogudu Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos.
The employees had used the hotel’s CCTV to record
the guest’s sexual exploit with his girlfriend.
The accused: Sunday Okon, 23; Rita Emmanuel, 28;
and Goodness Akpan, 24, whose addresses are
unknown, are facing a four-count charge of fraud,
demanding property with menace, conspiracy and
indecent practices.
Prosecutor Uche Simon told the court that the
accused had on Aug. 13 at a hotel in Ogudu area of
Lagos conspired to record a guest while sleeping
with his girlfriend.
According to him, the accused produced a VCD on it
which they circulated to residents of the area.
He alleged that they also demanded a N10 million
ransom and threatened to post it on the facebook if
the man failed to part with the money.
“The accused actually posted it on the facebook
between Aug. 13 and 23.’’
Simon said the offences contravened Sections 136,
166 (d), 299 and 409 of Criminal Law of Lagos State,
The  accused may be sentenced to a minimum of
three years each on conviction.
The three men pleaded not guilty and were granted
bail in the sum of N100, 000 each with two sureties
each in like sum.
NAN also reports that the three attendants were
taken to Kirikiri Prisons pending the fulfillment of
their bail conditions.
The Chief Magistrate, Mrs O. J. Awope, adjourned
the case to Sept. 19 for mention. (NAN)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Adieu, Prof Dora Akunyili

Tomorrow and the whole of this weekend will witness
the funeral obsequies of a great Nigerian, an
amazon and uncommon public servant, whose
exploits in the past fourteen years were unlike any
other ever witnessed in our shores. Professor
Dorothy Nkem Akunyili, within this span of time,
became a household name not only in Nigeria but
also in the wider world where her war against fake
food and drugs was acclaimed, with many awards
and honours. Even before she was appointed as
the Director
General of the National Agency for Food and Drugs
Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Akunyili, a
pharmacist and academic, made the news when
she returned unspent funds to the defunct
Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), where she served as
the South East Zonal Secretary. On assumption of
office at NAFDAC, Akunyili confronted the
entrenched mafia of fake drug importers and
miraculously escaped assassination on two
occasions. Her eight-year tenure in the Agency
made Nigeria a reference point in the global war
against fake drugs, for which she missed being
nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize very
narrowly in 2007.
When she was appointed Minister for Information
and National Orientation, Dora Akunyili launched a
campaign to rebrand Nigeria and Nigerians and
soldiered on with it even in the face of fierce
criticisms. It is to her credit that Nigeria is now
sloganeered as “Good People, Great Nation”.
One of the most profound contributions of this
woman was her brave clamour for the right things
to be done when a pall of secrecy was cast over
true situation of the health of former President
Umaru Yar’ Adua. She insisted on full disclosure,
and courted the displeasure of Yar’ Adua’s inner
cabinet. She was one of those whose actions
moved the hands of the establishment to allow
then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan assume
full power and save the nation from an impasse
could have triggered another military intervention.
Even when she was already ill, Dora Akunyili still
answered the call to serve Nigeria as a Delegate
to the defunct National Conference, until she had to
flown abroad for medical attention where she gave
In her 59 years of action-packed life of service
and exemplary leadership, Dora Akunyili
great leadership skills and showed that women,
when given towering challenges, have the
to produce results. She was very visible and
audible, and left bold footprints of achievement
wherever she went.
As the nation joins her family, friends and
associates to mourn this woman of substance, we
join in celebrating her and holding her up as a
shining example, especially for the women and
youth, with the lesson that gender is never a
to greatness.
We pray for her eternal rest in the Lord.

Are They Among Your Dirty Romance Novels If No Share Yours

1. Dirty by Megan Hart – A rich, dominant
business man and an unassuming,
submissive woman… Sound familiar? This is
vulgar, intelligent prose and a heart-
wrenching romance all wrapped up in one.
2. Willing Victim by Cara McKenna- This story is brusque and real and explores some of the darker sides of sexual fantasy, so proceed with caution.
3. Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein – A tale of two damaged undesirables who want everything from each other, first from a distance, and then from much closer. This novel is full of heartache and lust. Truly raw and lovely.
4. Crooked Hearts by Patricia Gaffney – For those of you not into the erotic, this historical romance is sinful in a different way. The hero and heroine are both con artists. She’s pretending to be a nun raising
money for kids. He’s masquerading as a blind man and is a coward around knife-wielding villains. It’s not raunchy, precisely;
it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong and so
perfectly right.
5. Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha –A broken down society, a sweet, sudden attraction, and my
favorite treat of all: a place where women are admired for deep, dark sexuality as much as the men are.
6. The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt – If
you’re a reader of traditional historical romance, this book will be a shocker, because it’s a relationship you don’t normally see: a love affair between a woman of nobility and her male servant. He’s not masquerading as a servant. He’s not the secret bastard of a duke. He’s her land steward, and every stolen moment feels honest and forbidden.
7. Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden –The heroine is a computer
programmer and the hero is an
astrophysicist with no social skills. Kink mixed with Minecraft jokes. It’s pure,raunchy fun.
8. Laid Bare by Lauren Dane – A hot
romance between reunited lovers that later evolves into a loving ménage. This is emotional, sweet kink even before the hero’s
best friend enters the picture. I loved the complexities the characters navigate to find their happy ending.
9. Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione – It’s a fascinating, sexy
story about a demon-slayer and the
delicious demon she falls in lust with. Larissa Ione’s writing is sensual action adventure,
and I can never get enough.
10. Natural Law by Joey W. Hill – The hero is a big, strong cop who dominates his world in every way, but he’s the sexual submissive in this story. The reader gets to be the voyeur in this delicious exploration of his heart and body.